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Preparation of the investment

  • Help in finding the land for the investment and negotiating the proper content of the sale contract 
  • Analysis of spatial development plans and local development plans
  • Advice on changing the land use and plot division and merger
  • Geodetic and cartographic service
  • Ground tests
  • Cost estimates of construction work including the bill of quantities
  • Expert opinions and technical reviews of building objects
  • Help in the course of the public procurement procedure, including under the principles of public-private partnerships 
  • Preparation of legal opinions and drafts of agreements necessary for the proper conduct of the investment process 

Formal and legal arrangements


Obtaining the necessary technical conditions, permits and decisions, in particular:


  • Obtaining a decision on environmental conditions including the execution of reports on environmental impact of the proposed or modernised (profile change or expansion) and existing facilities
  • Obtaining a decision on building conditions and land use
  • Obtaining a building permit
  • Obtaining permission to remove trees and shrubs
  • Obtaining occupancy permits
  • Obtaining trade-specific agreements, agreements with the Conservators and ZUD (Bureau of Documentation Approvals)
  • Obtaining integrated permits




Designing industrial, commercial and residential building objects, in particular:


  • Conceptual design
  • Land-use planning
  • Architectural designs
  • Construction designs
  • Designs of sanitary and heating installations 
  • Designs of ventilation and air conditioning
  • Designs of electrical installations and energy systems 
  • Low voltage system designs
  • Designs of green areas
  • Interior design
  • Terms of fire protection
  • Inventory of buildings
  • Plans for biological reclamation of degraded land 


Investment implementation

  • Keeping investment supervision in all sectors
  • Monitoring the implementation of the investment – physical and financial
  • Author's supervision of design companies
  • Support for final acceptance
  • Ecological surveys of systems

Support after the investment

  • Conducting mandatory surveys of the technical condition of buildings 
  • Development of energy audits for thermal efficiency improvement and energy assessment of buildings
  • Preparation of energy performance certificates
  • Assistance in negotiations with third parties benefiting from the effects of investments carried out, in particular with tenants 
  • Comprehensive legal advice on all matters relating to business activities 
  • Full consultancy services in the field of environmental protection